Since childhood, I have been enchanted by the process of making things.  As a fine artist and a serial crafter, I have found that working in my studio I strive to combine my love of material, texture, color and craft into a creative process that can yield endless results.


As a child I was a quiet witness, which is no surprise that, as I have grown, I find myself identifying most often on the more introverted end of the spectrum.  I loved observing anyone as they took things apart, put them back together and made those objects new.  I think throughout my life this love of observation has always informed my creative process regardless of the body of work that I am pursuing.  Through my paintings and drawings, to the way I organize my weekly schedule, I find traces of  various people whom I viewed as builders, influence in making me, a maker.


I draw a bulk of my inspiration from environments (natural and lived spaces), color and pattern.  I am drawn to the endless variety of subject material that I can find within my living space and studio.